Solar Holographic Device

Solar Holographic Device

A new solar generation concept

The new solar holographic device SoHo3X is an electricity generator which uses an inexhaustible, sustainable and cheap energy source: the sun. SoHo3X is designed to maximize the use of solar energy by trapping and guiding it wherever whished. It manages to capture more solar radiation than a conventional module both in the early morning and late evening hours.

The integrated holograms perform a passive tracking with no need for additional mechanical elements. Furthermore, they allow solar cell cooling by selecting only the spectral region absorbed by the solar cell, and dissipates heat through highly transmissive elements in the base.

Higher annual solar production

SoHo3X combines three optical elements in one: diffraction through the hologram, reflection through the back reflective surface and total internal reflection (TIR) guiding light through the optical element which covers the device. This novel concept efficiently empowers SoHo3X to capture those sun rays less available to fixed conventional modules, thus increasing the efficiency by concentrating light and guiding it towards the cell. SoHo3X increases a plant’s annual electricity production in up to 50%.

Modular and versatile

SoHo3X, with its many different applications, intends to make solar generation accessible to any kind of end-user. It is not only addressed to solar farms (“utility” scale) or rooftops (industrial, commercial or residential), but also to isolated off-grid installations, as well as other off-grid uses such as vacational and recreational (camping, beach, mountain, etc.).

In order to reach all these market segments with only one product, SoHo3X is conceived as a modular device with differents powers. The devices are easily interconnected to one another, allowing immediate scalability to higher powers.

Building integration (BIPV)

The evident aesthetic disadvantage of conventional modules limits their integration in all those architectural elements other than the traditional tilted roof. Those other BIPV solutions (curtain walls, jalousies, etc.) usually require specifically designed and significantly more expensive modules. With its standard products, SoHo3X offers a de facto building integration.

The base in aluminum has been designed as a self-structured element. The personalization of each device by the customer facilitates an easy integration in the aesthetics of any building. Together with the front side’s rainbow appearance, this makes SoHo3X a further decorative element of the construction.

Technical information

A constant technical exchange with manufacturers and end-users, along with years of research in the world’s solar market have had a good harvest: SoHo3X incorporates numerous technological novelties, making it a unique and versatile product, adaptable to any type of installation.

Structure system

The base of SoHo3X integrates a self-structured design. This concept incorporates rails which only need simple screws to be fixed to rooftops or vertical walls. The additional weight and cost of a mounting system are thus avoided, and the BoS proportionally reduced. In addition, infinite building integration (BIPV) possibilities are suddenly opened.


At the design stage, the technical team of IHT also took into account the higher soiling expected from a V-shaped structure. To that end, SoHo3X integrates novelties both in the device fixing and in the materials in which it is built. Furthermore, the devices can be cleaned by standard automatic cleaners only by using specific heads.


SoHo3X is built in materials with very high perspectives for technological evolution, cost reduction by scale economies and easy recyclability at the end of their lifetime.
Such is the case of the PMMA used as wave guiding optical medium, guaranteed by internationally recognized manufacturers for up to 30 years.

Also the aluminum in the base not only fulfill their duty as structure and heat sink; they also allow the device to be easily recycled at the end of its lifetime and guarantee its durability.
On top of that, SoHo3X is IEC compatible (IEC in process by AENOR), which warrants the device a good performance in all latitudes.

Device interconnection

The modularity of SoHo3X allows to cover a gap detected in the current world market: nowadays, no single product addresses all applications in solar energy. SoHo3X are light, low power, modulable devices, easy to install and interconnect. This also empowers the end-users to reach their desired voltage and current, not those imposed by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, at IHT we are very aware of the savings needed in the BoS of a solar installation. Therefore, we ship pre-assembled devices at higher, currently standard powers under command.

Assembly parts (see section “Recommended applications”)

Building integration (BIPV) is one of the key challenges of solar energy. Indeed, most energy consumers live in cities, where buildings represent the perfect structural support. A very interesting opportunity in the evolution of urban solar installations is thus created.

Due to its higher energy harvesting by light trapping, SoHo3X can be installed either vertically or horizontally without the big production losses associated to a conventional module in such orientations. This allows to adapt our devices to the most diverse architectural applications by means of specifically designed assembly parts.

Additional advantages

The joint use of holograms with other optical elements permits SoHo3X to be independent of the solar cell technology, as the hologram can adjust its spectral response. This fact, together with a cell surface savings of more than 66%, allows the use of cells of higher efficiency than today’s standard. Moreover, the filter produced by such spectral response reduces the cell’s operating temperature, which in turn increases the system’s performance.

An additional advantage of using only one third of the cell area is the low carbon footprint produced in the device manufacturing. SoHo3X thus becomes the commercial solar generator most compromised with the environment.


  • PV cell technology Monocrystalline silicon cells with 21% efficiency
  • Models SoHo3X 1135mm For off-grid, recreational and residential rooftop applications SoHo3X 2245mm For off-grid, rooftop (residential, industrial and commercial) and utility applications
  • Warranty Performance:
    1. 12 years at 100%
    2. 20 years at 80%
    1. 10 years
  • Operating temperature -40ºC / +85ºC
  • Weight SoHo3X 1135mm:
    1. Aluminium: 3.3 kg / 7.2 lbs
    SoHo3X 2245mm:
    1. Aluminium: 6.4 kg / 14.1 lbs
  • Electrical characteristics (STC): SoHo3X 1135mm
    1. Maximum power (Pmax): 18.5Wp
    2. MPP voltage (Vmpp): 3.53V
    3. MPP current (Impp): 5.24A
    SoHo3X 2245mm
    1. Maximum power (Pmax): 36.6Wp
    2. MPP voltage (Vmpp): 3.53V
    3. MPP current (Impp): 10.36A
  • Dimensions SoHo3X 1135mm:
    1. 1135 mm x 125 mm x 75 mm
    2. 44.69” x 4.92” x 2.95”
    SoHo3X 2245mm:
    1. 2245 mm x 125 mm x 75 mm
    2. 88.38” x 4.92” x 2.95”
  • Certification IEC in process by AENOR


  • Grid-connected Kits composed by 3 or 5 SoHo3X 1135/2245mm devices. Clamp: adaptable in size to any streetlight pole configuration.
  • Off-Grid SoHo3X 1135mm/2235mm. Battery (2-7 days of autonomy, according to latitude and height). Regulator PWM (charge controller for the battery). Cool box: for battery and regulator storage.
  • The specifications needed for off-grid applications are variable and depend on the latitude of the selected location.

SoHo3X Sondika

  • Components: 4 SoHo3X Integrated supporting structure (aluminium). Micro-inverter 100Wp.

SoHo3X 1135mm

The smaller of our devices is, however, the most versatile and the most adaptable to different new solar uses. Its many installation possibilities, its easy handling and its small size make it our ideal companion in low power installations.
It is addressed to the off-grid, recreational activities and residential markets. Nonetheless, our little one is a perfect complement for building integration in combination with SoHo3X 2245mm.

SoHo3X 2245mm

The big brother of our family is thought for higher power installations, where size is not a key factor.
Such is the case of the off-grid, the rooftop (in all its versions: residential, commercial, industrial) and utility markets.
On the other hand, its weight and dimensions make the device easily handled and installed. Therefore, its applications are widespread.

Performance reports

In addition to being IEC compatible (IEC in process by AENOR), at IHT we wanted to have several performance reports on our first prototypes. These reports confirm the good behavior of our technology.

They have been carried out by internationally recognized entities, i.e., their competence and professional conduct is out of doubt. Two graphs showing the device performance are presented here.

  • UCA
  • UAM
  • Rheinland

Recommended applications

The versatility achieved by the SoHo3X design in both its versions allows to integrate the devices in many architectural applications or use them in unconventional situations.

    Street Lighting Accessories

    SoHo3X in its vertical configuration provides a new element to be integrated in any street lighting existing pole or in a brand new design. Either grid connected or off-grid, SoHo3X is the best choice for urban integration while generating power at the consumption point, all comming from solar renewable sources.

    SoHo3X SL60
    SoHo3X SL60
    SoHo3X SL60
    SoHo3X SL60
    SoHo3X SL60
    SoHo3X SL60
    SoHo3X SL60
    SoHo3X SL60
    SoHo3X SL60

    Leisure time Accessories

    You can carry your SoHo3X any place you want and have free electricity without worrying about complicated installations which are difficult to transport.

    SoHo3X becomes your ideal travel companion.


    Wall Cladding Accessories

    Thanks to the self-structure integrated in the base, you can hang the device on any vertical or tilted wall. The SoHo3X is then transformed into a façade element.


    Through avoiding additional structure, the installation of SoHo3X turns into a new concept. In the case of co-planar installations, you will only need a fixing bar to the roof, the base itself acts as the horizontal structure. In the case of tilted structures on rooftops the same will apply, as no fixing horizontal features are needed. All of the above contributes to reducing the installation BoS.


    Vertical / horizontal jalousie Accessories

    Possible configurations with SoHo3X exceed all expectations. The assembly parts in different sizes, designed by IHT to interconnect devices, allow you to combine distances between the elements, such that you can build vertical or horizontal jalousies as a second skin in façades and rooftops. This casts shadows on the building, while generating electricity at the same time.

    In addition, the combination of the chosen back finishing of SoHo3X and its rainbow frontal side contribute to make this architectural solution a very attractive one. In horizontal jalousies, you can even use the devices as rainwater canals and use this rainwater to your own convenience.


    The wide range of finishings to choose for SoHo3X build up other applications by imitating decorative elements with no specific functionality. Such is the case of pergolas in gardens and recreational spaces. Wood is very accurately imitated and decorates your favourite places while it supplies power.


    Water guiding architectural sunshade Accessories

    Passive elements used in buildings to reduce light incidence in summer, when the sun is higher, can be re-invented with SoHo3X. You can design a visera which generates electricity, casts shade on the building and can guide rainwater thanks to its V-shape. We will then not only clean the devices, but also re-use rainwater.


Special orders

At IHT we have no limits in the designs and applications of SoHo3X, because our customers are the first application designers of this novel solar concept.

Should you wish a SoHo3X bigger than 100kWp or with special features not included in our website, please click on the link below.

Who are we?

SoHo3X is a product property of IHT, a company specialized in energy applications of holography. It is dedicated to such varied fields as solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, energy efficiency and lighting, among others. IHT develops products in each of these fields, SoHo3X being the first one launched to the market. If you wish to know more about our activities, please click on the link below.